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Tên truyện: Kimi wa Kawaii Koi no Dorei

Tác giả: Jita [Twitter/ Pixiv]

Tên khác: 君は可愛い恋の奴隷, You are a lovely love slave

Thể loại: Drama, School Life, Yaoi

Nguồn Nhật: cmoa.jp

Giới thiệu:

“This is a brother, it’s absolutely strange ……”!

Shinohara Tenya and Shinohara Yamato are raised like twins, a bloodless brother-in-law. Since the fact was discovered, the attitude of his younger brother, Yamato changed suddenly, and it became a failure of the morning return addict in Sabo Rima. Even for Tenya, who was supposed to be in good shape, every time they meet, they will be able to bathe in words such as “Uzee” and “Feces bracon”. Don’t miss it as your brother! And to settle the Yamato to fix, but with the malicious mischief of Yamato’s bad friend, Aoi, accident occurrence that disturbs the sex of Yamato!? Then Yamato approached Tanya saying, “Alternately, you will be the other party,”…!!

Lưu ý: Đây là bản lậu copy từ website lậu khác, t đọc qua thấy hay quá nên đánh liều share về cho mn đọc, xin lỗi nhiều nếu làm các bạn mất thiện cảm :((( . Link bản Nhật và Anh bản quyền chính thức đã gắn trên nguồn.

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